YouTube Music tries letting you build your own radio station

Radio on the streaming music app. It’s a silly little anachronism that we, as listeners, accept. Some entity we’re not personally acquainted with curates a few songs for us to listen to based off of as little as a whiff of an interest — a genre, an artist, an album, maybe even a specific song. Boom! It’s a magic radio station. YouTube Music, though, may soon give you a way to put in a few more ingredients to make some radio stew.

A new feature called “Create a radio” has been circulating out to some users — a home screen call-to-action card will be the big draw for them.

Just as they would during first-time setup, users pick from an array of artists to include in their station, then progress to a screen where they can choose whether their mix is made up of the known, the unknown, or both, plus a few other toggles for deep cuts, moods, and other spices. A playlist is then generated.

As u/notjhoan and a few other people who have this feature note on the r/YoutubeMusic subreddit, it seems users can’t add the playlist to their library. The inclusion of Mäneskin’s “Beggin'” in a radio station populated with K-Pop artists is also… a choice that has been made. Also, as our cross-town colleagues at 9to5Google point out, having the playlist name just be the list of the artists’ names is a little unwieldy to say the least — note to the devs at Google: stick in a title field in the crafting workflow, please. Thanks.

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