Tom Cruise will be the first civilian to take a spacewalk outside of the ISS

Tom Cruise is on the verge of becoming the first civilian to make a spacewalk! Yes, Donna Langley, the boss of Universal Pictures, has just announced that the studios are ready to finance the crazy project of the actor to the tune of 200 million dollars

“We have a really good project in development with Tom that involves watching him do this. Take a rocket to the ISS, shoot scenes and hopefully be the first civilian to spacewalk outside the space station. »

However, rest assured, the film will not be reduced to a simple ballad in the stars. This sequence will rather be the climax of a frame whose action will take place mainly on dry land. And once is not custom, it is to prevent an imminent end of the world that Tom Cruise will take it upon himself to fly into space to save humanity.

At the risk of playing the party pooper, there are plenty of ways $200 million could help save the world without involving Tom Cruise or rockets. But hey, we will have to console ourselves by saying that the star will not retire without having realized her childhood dream…

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