Time management: Best Way to manage your time

Best Way to Manage your Time

Time management is not something everyone can do easily: People often say “They don’t have enough time in the day” or “Time fly to fast.

Between work and family, time can go very fast in a day, so it’s very important to know how to manage our day by keeping a schedule and respecting it.

We’re often overload with work that we sometimes don’t even have time for our family, witch is not good, so that’s why you need to find the best way that suits you so you can do everything that is needed during the day or week.

Do you feel that you are wasting time by excessive driving? Maybe you are not sure where all your time is going and just want to account for it. Or you could have a full schedule that you are having a hard time keeping up with.

Whatever the reason, time is a precious resource that most of us need to use to its fullest.

The most important step in time management is to evaluate our timetable.

Write a “typical” week for you on paper, and by looking at the current schedule, you will be able to determine where you can use better time management.

Ask yourself, why are you dissatisfied with your schedule? List what you want to change and how much space you want to make.

Do you need more time to peruse interest? Have more time to spend with your children? Or just spend more time completing all the work?

After completing this operation, draw three columns with a piece of paper. In the first column, all “fixed” appointments, events or promises are listed.

These appointments, events or promises happen at a fixed time and happen every day, week or month.

Examples include work, club meetings or appointments with permanent doctors. In the second column, you can make “flexible” tasks or promises around “unswerving” promises, such as grocery shopping, cleaning the house, or having lunch with friends. In the third column, enter those “irregular” appointments, doctor appointments, school dramas, or an old friend coming to town (or other things that do not belong to the other two columns).

Then use the calendar (preferably a calendar, with more space in a few days), or use a notebook and mark each page for a day or two (depending on how much work you want to complete each day or week.) Start at three Put items in the column, starting with items that are “fixed to stone”, then items that appear occasionally, and keep “flexible” items because you can place them around other items.

The goal is to balance your life and maximize your time. Why go to the pharmacy alone on the way to my son’s football practice field? I always try to plan appointments in the same area on the same day, which reduces my travel time and makes the most of my day.

The biggest thing to consider is: Are you doing too much?

No matter how well the time is arranged, there are always too many promises. Time management is more than just arranging a week’s time so that you can complete all your work. It’s about creating a manageable schedule that gives you time to deal with the important things in life. Therefore, before looking at your time management skills, understand what you are trying to get.

Include things you want to do, but don’t seem to have time to do it. What is it like to better manage time in order to adapt to more work? Part of time management is maintaining balance so that you also have time to enjoy the fun in life.

If you are booked so full that you cannot arrange an hour and a half of quality family time, an hour of time with your important companions, and at least 30 minutes-45 minutes of time, then you can also do many things To do, it is time to seek help to relieve some of your burden. Tiredness and helplessness will not help you better manage your time.

In fact, it will hinder your work.

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