MIKABEN, Legend in the Haitien Music is Gone

When it comes to Music in the music industry, Mikaben don’t need any introduction. He is known for his various hits over the years and also for his great positive energy

Haitian singer Mikaben, real name Michael Benjamin, 41, collapsed on the stage Saturday night at the Accor Arena in Bercy. He suffered a heart attack and could not be revived.

It was to be a party night for Haitian music. Six years after their separation, the members of Carimi met in the evening at the Accor Arena in Bercy in Paris to celebrate the twenty years of this legendary Haitian group.

But the evening turned tragic. Mikaben, invited to sing by Camini, had just performed his hit “Ou Pati” in front of 10,000 people, when he felt unwell leaving the stage. Rescuers arrived quickly on the spot but were unable to resuscitate the singer.

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