Interview with Snoop ak-Blood To Papalavi

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Interview with Snoop ak-Blood To Papalavi

We had the chance to interview Haitian Rapper Snoop Ak-Blood aka PAPALAVI, check out this answer to our questions.


Can you present to our readers?

•Let me introduce myself My Name Is Jean Damascene Pierre Born In Haiti On March 27 In BPC Growup In Delmas. I go By The Name Of Snoop ak-Blood To Papalavi.

When and how did you rapping?

•I Started Doing Music With My Band “RIGWAZ” in 2004 With The Hits Singles “SOUKE LI” “POZE KOW MANMZEL” And Many More. I Started Doing Solo Tracks After A Couples Time After The “RIGWAZ” Stopped Doing Music For Some Internal Reasons.

You started as Snoop aka Blood then changed your name to PAPALAVI, why the change the name?

•Started As SNOOP AK-BLOOD I Decide To Flip It To PAPALAVI After Some Of My Friends Keep Calling Me As is.

You’ve been in the game for over 8 years now, what do you think of the upcoming rappers?

•The Upcoming RAPPPER Needs To Work Harder For Better Prodz. There’s so many Talented Upcoming Artists Out there.

Beside Music, you’re also an entrepreneur, can you tell us about your businesses?

•I Am The CEO Of “ PIGRO ENTERPRISE CORP” Professional Business Base In The US America. We Delivered Multiple Services In The Comunity.

What are upcoming projects for 2021

•I Just Drop A Single Video “PILE TÈ A” And I Have New Up Coming VIDEO “TÈT CHÒV” And Many More.

What are you currently working on that we can expect to see this year?

•I’m Working On A EP for The End Of this Year With 7 Tracks

What advice would you give an upcoming artist who would love to make it in the music business?

•To All My Upcoming Artist Respect ✊🏿 Y’a Self Be Motivated

A message to your fans?

•To All My Fans Thank You For All The Support Without You I Wouldn’t Be Here To Day. Thanks 🙏 again

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