Fan that Warriors’ Draymond Green got ejected has a very different story

The Milwaukee fan that Warriors forward Draymond Green had ejected on Tuesday has a completely different version of events, one that he says the Bucks ultimately backed up.

Mike Shane, the Bucks fan in question, was removed from his seat at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee after Green instructed security to kick him out. Green told reporters after the game that Shane had said “some threatening stuff to my life,” and it nearly got the Dubs player “really going back and, like, diving all the way in” to the crowd.

Shane claims no such threats happened and that his comments were just basketball trash talk regarding Jordan Poole, the Warriors guard and Milwaukee native whom Green punched in the face during a preseason practice.

I said, ‘Draymond, we giving you a pass.’ He said, ‘What pass?’ I said, ‘Man, we giving you a pass.’ He said, ‘You ain’t s—t. What pass?’ I said, ‘Man, we giving you a pass,’” Shane said. “Evidently, he was ready for it. He was waiting for that to happen. He blew it out of proportion, actually. I don’t know how he could take that as a threat.”

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